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Louisiana Grills Ginger Butt Chicken

Ginger Butt Chicken at

There was a great sale on small chickens at the local supermarket. I had yet to make beer butt chicken on the Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker. Also, I had some Louisiana Grills Chicken Seasoning I wanted to try. It seems fate was saying it was time.

Most people use beer when making beer butt chicken. Surprise! I find i get a better result with ginger ale. I am sure the fact that ginger ale is less expensive than beer has no effect on my decision and the cheque is in the mail. Whatever, I guess I am making Ginger Butt Chicken instead of beer butt.

I started by rinsing the chicken under cold water and patting it dry with a paper towel. Then I carefully worked my finger under the skin over the breast and rubbed oil between the skin and the meat. I rubbed the breast side of the bird with oil and flipped it over.

Then I worked my finger on the skin over the thighs down to the drumsticks. I rubbed some oil between the skin and the meat and then over the whole carcass.

Ginger Butt Chicken 1

I rubbed some of the chicken seasonings all over the birds and under the loosened skin.

Ginger Butt Chicken 2

I filled a pop can 1/2 full of ginger ale and put it in my chicken roasting stand. Then I put the stand in the cavity of the bird. If you do not have a roasting stand, you can put the open end of the can into the large cavity and use the drumsticks like a tripod to prop the chicken up.

Ginger Butt Chicken 3

I had the Louisiana Grills smoker preheated to 350 F. I put the chicken on the grill and smoked for about 1 hour. If you do not have a smoker get one. You could cook it in a 350 F oven but it is better in the smoker.

I roasted it for about an hour and made sure the meat in the breast and thighs both had an internal temperature over 165 F.

Ginger Butt Chicken 4

Be very careful taking the chicken off the grill and removing the can. You are dealing with very hot liquids. I took the chicken inside and carefully lifted it off the roaster.

Ginger Butt Chicken 5

I cut it up into serving size pieces. We served it with diced new potatoes and green salad.

Ginger Butt Chicken 7

The Verdict

The reason chicken cooked this way is so good is that the hot air crisps the skin while the steam from the can keeps it moist. I find the pellet smoker seems to crisp the skin even better than an oven or a barbecue. I think it is the fact that a fan forces air into the chamber and it acts like a convection oven.

Whatever it is, the skin was golden and crispy. The meat was moist and tender. The seasoning was very good. It is not a spicy barbecue rub but a mixture of seasonings that really compliment the chicken. I will be using this seasoning mix on poultry even when I am not cooking it on the pellet smoker. The mix is tasty but doesn’t overpower the chicken.

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