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Louisiana Grills Bacon Hickory Chicken Thighs

Bacon Hickory Thighs at

I received some seasoning mixes from Louisiana Grills. The first one I tried was Bacon Hickory. I wanted to do something basic to get a good taste of the seasonings. So, I grilled some boneless skinless chicken thighs.

I preheated the Louisiana Grills smoker to 450 F. While it was heating, I brushed the thighs with olive oil. I gave a generous layer of the seasoning to one side of the thighs.

Bacon Hickory Thighs 1

I put the thighs on the grill with the seasoned side up. I cooked for about 5 minutes and turned. I gave the cooked side a good layer of seasoning and cooked for about 4 more minutes.

Bacon Hickory Thighs 2

I made sure the internal temperature was over 165 F and served the thighs with Copper Penny Carrots and some spaghetti with marinara sauce She Who Must Be Obeyed made with our home grown tomatoes.

Bacon Hickory Thighs 4

The Verdict

This seasoning is excellent. It actually gives a nice bacon flavour and the hickory overtones enhance the grilled taste. This was great with chicken and I believe it would really rock on pork as well.

The Old Fat Guy

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