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The supermarket had side ribs on sale. As is often the case with ribs that were on sale, these were thin and raggedy. However, I am cheap and I do love ribs. Ribs were purchased.

The ribs come with a nicely trimmed rib portion and under that is the chest edge of the ribs which are full of cartilage and bones. I cut that into 1 inch cubes for rib tips and they aren’t mentioned again in this recipe.

I pulled the silver skin off the back of the ribs by lifting a corner with a sharp knife and grasping it with a paper towel. I gave both sides a rub with a barbecue rub. I used my Basic Barbecue Rub but you can use any that you like.

I preheated my Louisiana Grills smoker to 225 F with whiskey oak barrel pellets and put the ribs on. You can see the rib tips below the rib rack. Dang. I said I wasn’t going to mention them again.

I smoked the ribs to an internal temperature of 185 F. Because the ribs were so thin, this only took about 3 hours. A decent sized rack would likely take at least 4 hours. I don’t like my ribs fall off the bone. If you do, cook them to 190 or even 195 F.

I brushed the ribs with Korean Glaze from my prior post and smoked for 20 minutes.

I brushed them again and smoked for another 20 minutes.

I brought the ribs in and let them sit for a few minutes. I cut them into individual ribs. We served them with She Who Must Be Obeyed’s wonderful Copper Pennies and my Mashed Potato Casserole.

The Verdict

This glaze makes some great ribs. They are nice and sticky with a great spicy sweetness that will make you lick those sticky fingers! Give it a try!

The Old Fat Guy

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