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We’d been grocery shopping and then worked in the garden. We needed a quick meal but who said an easy quick meal can’t be great. She Who Must Be Obeyed picked some fresh lettuce and strawberries from the garden and made a great salad. I fired up the WSM Mini and hot smoked some salmon. Sigh, nice weather, a great wife and wonderful food makes a great meal.

While  we were shopping, we picked up a couple of wild sockeye salmon steaks.  The great thing about salmon is they don’t need a lot to taste great. I just sprinkled both sides with Old Bay Blackening Seasonings.

Hot Smoked Salmon 1


I fired the WSM Mini up to about 375 F with a couple of chunks of apple wood for smoke. I put the salmon on for about 15 minutes and then turned it.

Hot Smoked Salmon 2


I gave it another 10 minutes and tested the internal temperature. I like my salmon cooked to about 140 F. It was ready!

Hot Smoked Salmon 3


We served it with the Missus’ great salad and some whole grain bread. Oh yes, there was a touch of wine.

Hot Smoked Salmon 4


The Verdict

Salmon tastes good. The touch of Old Bay Seasonings and the hint of smoke just enhanced it. Easy. Quick. Delicious. I am a lucky man.

The Old Fat Guy

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    1. Thanks. It is embarrassingly easy but salmon tastes so good it is best not to muck with it too much.

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