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Grilled Loin Chops, Country Style, Meal In A Hurry

I have been doing some renovations and have been busy with my duties in a local club. Therefore, there was little time for dinner.
I had some country style loin chops in the freezer.

I am still experimenting with the Cabela’s Pecan Honey Seasoning Mix I got for Christmas. I thought the sweet nutty flavour might go
well with a pungent sharp sauce. I have some steak sauce from a vineyard in the Okanagan that is similar to HP but a little tarter.
I shook a generous amount of the seasoning on the chops and threw them on the barbecue  preheated to medium. I cooked them for 15 minutes to an internal temperature of 155 F, brushing 4 times with a thin layer of the steak sauce.

While I was doing this, She Who Must Be Obeyed pulled some homemade marinara sauce from the freezer and whipped up some penne and marinara sauce and tossed some lettuce for a salad.

The Verdict
It is obvious that I love to experiment even when I am just grilling a chop. The sweet honey/nut taste went very well with the earthy/spicy tones of the steak sauce. The main downside is that
the steak sauce and the seasonings both have a sweetness. Next time I will add some Tabasco to the steak sauce for an additional flavour counterpoint.

I wouldn’t plan a meal around this but it made a very tasty meal when I was in a hurry.

The Old Fat Guy

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