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I grow my own garlic. This comes with some blessings and a problem. Of course, you get a great tasting garlic with a firmness and texture that is vastly superior to the rubbery garlic sold in supermarkets. You also get tasty garlic scapes, the long stems in the centre of the garlic plant that are delicious in stir fries and pesto. The problem is you get a lot of garlic scapes if you grow enough garlic for a year like I do.

So, I was looking for another use for garlic scapes. I have steeped garlic cloves in vinegar before and enjoyed the results. Why not try the same with the milder but tasty scapes? It had to be tried!

I bought a bottle of red wine vinegar. I poured 1/3 of the bottle into a covered container. I cut the scapes into 1/2 inch lengths.

I put them in the bottle until the bottle was full. I put the bottle in a dark cupboard and let the scapes steep for 1 month. I kept the vinegar I had removed to refill the bottle later.

I strained the scapes out and put them in my compost. I topped the bottle up with the vinegar I had removed.

The Verdict

This gives a really nice vinegar with a mellow garlic taste. It isn’t as strong a garlic hit as with garlic cloves but it is better in my opinion. It is a nice balance of the earthy garlic and sour vinegar. I have loved it in salads.

I will warn you that the red colour of the vinegar is lightened by the process but you won’t notice it when you use it.

If you grow your own garlic, you need to try this!

The Old Fat Guy

Garlic Scape Vinegar

Garlic Scape Vinegar


  • 1 bottle red wine vinegar
  • garlic scapes


  1. Pour one third of the vinegar into a sealed nonreactive container.
  2. Cut the scapes into 1/2 inch lengths.
  3. Put the cut scapes into the bottle until it is full.
  4. Steep the vinegar in a dark place for 30 days.
  5. Strain out the scapes and discard.
  6. Add the reserved vinegar back to the bottle.
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2 Responses

    1. Har! A great idea, Sam, except I couldn’t grow enough garlic scapes! I’m with you on garlic. I use it more than salt.

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