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I make a lot of bacon, sausages and other smoked meats. Wrapping them in plastic wrap and bagging them is a pain. I have seen Foodsaver products for years and finally decided to give it go when I saw this unit on sale for $140 Canadian.

It comes out of the package without any need for assembly. It comes with two rolls of bags and some zipper type bags. It also has an accessory hose that can be used with the zipper bags, storage containers and a marinator made by Foodsaver.

You put a bag roll in a chamber inside the Foodsaver. It has a bar with a cutter that makes cutting bags to length easy. The Foodsaver bags also have marks every 3 inches. This is convenient because you need to leave 3 inches of bag above whatever you are sealing.


You cut a bag to the length you want. You put one end on the sealing bar and push a button called seal.


The Foodsaver seals one end of your bag.

I filled the bag with some sausages, turned it around and put the open end on the sealing bar. You push a button called Vac/Seal. The unit sucks the air out and then seals the bag.


It was so easy, even I could do it.

I have used it for about a month now. I have sealed delicate items and you can interrupt the vacuum strength by pushing the Vac/Seal button again to avoid crushing  your food.

I have also used the moist seal button which gives a good seal even with wet items.

The only time I had problems was when I sealed thicker items. If you aren’t careful to pull each edge of the bag and make sure there is no folds on the bar, you can end up with a gap in the seal. Since I learned to pull each edge before closing the unit I haven’t had this problem

The unit does generate a bit of noise while running. Nothing that requires hearing protection but enough to get me a disapproving look by She Who Must Be Obeyed when she was trying to listen to a radio program.

The Verdict

This just works. I like things that just work.

The Old Fat Guy

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    1. When I was doing my research, I read that if you do a regular seal, don’t open the machine but wait 20 seconds and then hit seal again, it works likes the moist seal.

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