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Episode 36 of You Can Make It, Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Potatoes & Canadian Gumbo

Episode 36 of my community TV program, You Can Make It, has me making Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Potatoes and Canadian Gumbo.

The Old Fat Guy

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2 Responses

  1. Love your recipes. I’m a decent cook myself, learned a ton from my grandmother, think I told you she ran a diner for years. Then I had a lady friend that couldn’t boil water, so we took lessons together in Portland, Me from a great chef, (he had several James Beard awards). But….. I always pick something up from you and it’s always something that can be adapted to most everyday cooking.
    Just want you to know your appreciated.
    Think your Thanksgiving is over, so belated tidings for Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
    Jeff H.
    (Another old fat guy)

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