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I love chicken in the smoker. The problem is always the skin. If you want a nice smoke hit, you need to cook low and slow. That yields a rubbery skin. You can finish the chicken on a hot grill, cook it in a butter bath for a while, or scraped the fat off the skin and cook it. All give a nicer skin.

However, if you are just cooking a family meal after a busy day, who wants all that work. I decided I could use the great temperature control of my Traeger Timberline to make a decent chicken dinner without a lot of work.

I started by preheating my Timberline to 200 F (95 C) and turning it on to supersmoke setting.

I tooke some chicken thighs and gave them a nice rub of my Chicken Rub.

I put them in the smoker, skin side up, and cooked to an internal temperature of 110 F. That took about 40 minutes but that will vary with the size of your chicken thighs.

I turned the thighs skin side down and turned the heat on the Traeger up to 450 F (230 C). I continued cooking until the internal temperature was 170 F (75 C). I turned the heat down to 350 F (175 C) and brushed the chicken with barbecue sauce.

I cooked for 10 minutes longer to set the sauce.

The Verdict

This is not as good as PIA chicken where you scrape the skin. It is not as good as chicken that is crisped on the grill. It is not as good as chicken started in a butter bath. However, it is very tasty and the skin is edible and not rubbery. Considering how easy it is, it turned out really well and I will do it again.

The Old Fat Guy


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