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I just love learning about new styles of food and dishes and social media has made this so much easier. I found the great food blogger Kristina and her wonderful site, She has many great recipes from Europe, many from central and eastern Europe. She is also an author. Check out her Ebook, Eat, Shop and Love.

I saw her post for Sugar Buchteln on twitter and had to give it a try. I will show you my efforts and changes but if you want the recipe, go to her site at:

Sugar Butchteln

I started by re-hydrating the yeast. She calls for fresh yeast. I only had dried. I added 20 ml (4 teaspoons) of dry yeast to the milk and sugar and let it sit for 15 minutes.

I measured the other ingredients and melted the butter in the microwave.

I will comment on the sugar. She calls for raw sugar. From when I was a kid, that would be light brown sugar. From a Caribbean friend, it is turbinado sugar. I had dark Demerara sugar. I decided to go with two parts Demerara  and one part white.

I put the yeast mixture, eggs, sugar, salt, lemon zest and butter in my stand mixer bowl and mixed them. I added the flour to these and attached the dough hook to my stand mixer.

I mixed until the dough started to cling to the hook and then mixed for 8 minutes with the dough hook.

The dough is quite soft but manageable. I floured a surface and gave the dough a few kneads by hand and put it back in the bowl. I covered it and let it rise till doubled. She says 1 1/2 hours. It took me 2 hours but my kitchen is quite cool in the winter.

I turned my oven on to 350 F.

I cut the dough into thirds and made a cylinder of each third. I divided each cylinder into 5 parts that I formed into balls.

I put the balls in a pan that I has sprayed with baking spray. I let them sit for 10 minutes and brushed with melted butter.

I baked for 40 minutes and they were done. I confirmed this by using an instant read thermometer. If the internal temperature is over 200 F, it is done. They do dark up a bit more on the bottom so I would start checking at 37 minutes.

I brushed them again with melted butter and sprinkled icing sugar over the top.

The finished product.

The Verdict

Where have these been all my life? They are wonderful. They are a sweet roll but not over the top like a cinnamon roll. They have a nice mild sweetness and the lemon zest give them a brightness. The texture is moist and fine. If you are having guests for breakfast, put some of these on the table and watch them disappear.

The Old Fat Guy


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