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My good buddy, Bill, not only helps me with my videos and does the music for my social media, but he also gave me a Cosori Air Fryer! This is my review of it.

The model I got is their larger 5.8-quart model. The first thing I noticed on unboxing it is that it takes up a lot of counter space. You will need a place to store it if you won’t be using it all the time and don’t want to waste valuable kitchen space.

It comes well packaged and has dire warnings to make sure you remove all the packaging from the cooking chamber before plugging it in. You would be wise to listen to the warning.

I washed out the cooking baskets and did a test run at 400 F (205 C). It came to temperature in less than 5 minutes. It does give off some noise as air fryers use moving hot air to cook. It is not enough to interrupt conversation or be particularly intrusive.

When you pull the basket out, you see one of the limitations of air fryers. Even though this is the larger model, you would be hard pressed to do a dinner for six in it. It is designed for two to four people or you will end up cooking your food in shifts. However, this model would easily do French fries or chicken pieces for up to four people.

The basket and the pan under it are non-stick and are easy to clean. The basket is slotted which allows grease to drain into a pan that the basket fits into.

The basket slides into the front of the unit easily and fits well. There is a safety latch that is easy to operate to remove it.

There is a button you press to lift the basket out of the pan. I didn’t like this. If you are holding the handle on the basket and press the release button, it drops off the basket. If you push the button inadvertently while not over a counter, it will drop to the floor. The documentation warns you clearly about this, but I would hope for a better mechanism.

The only other flaw is that the back of the unit expels some hot air. I never found it dangerous, but I would be careful what I put behind it.

Now, the important stuff, how does it cook?

First, it is extremely easy to use, and the instructions are intuitive. It has preset functions for many common uses and is easy to set manually.  The recipe book that comes with it has clear instructions that will get you going quickly. The instruction manual is clearly written and easy to understand.

Second, it is way better at “frying” than I expected it would be. It isn’t the same as deep fat frying, but I was able to get crispy fries and crunchy corn tortilla taquitos. Considering the lack of deep-frying mess and lower fat content, I actually prefer it over deep-frying.

Third, clean-up is a snap.

The Verdict

This is a very efficient, easy and tasty way to cook. The Cosori is well constructed and makes a great “fried” food taste. It would be really convenient for evening suppers.

The couple of small design flaws are very minor. The only major drawback is the small size of the basket which is common to air fryers.

Overall, it is well designed, easy to use, well documented and makes tasty food.

I would recommend it.

The Old Fat Guy


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  1. Right on all counts! The button to release the basket is a non- intuitive design, but I found I got used to it quickly (after a few accidents). I have learned to trust the presets as they are well chosen re time and temperature.

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