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Clubhouse LaGrille Signature Steakhouse 30 Minute Marinade

Clubhouse Signature Steakhouse Marinade at

My buddy, Bill, had tried this commercial marinade and liked it.

Clubhouse Signature Steak 1

As he is a good buddy, he brought me a bottle of it, Clubhouse LaGrille Signature Steakhouse 30 minute Marinade. I had a couple of sirloin steaks and gave it a try.

I just spread the sauce over both sides of the steak and covered it. I put it in the fridge for 3 hours. They say you can get away with 30 minutes but admit it will be better if you marinate it longer.

I fried the steak up on my Weber Grill that had been preheated on high.

The Verdict

This is a nice full flavoured marinade. I can make better but this is very good and has a nice steak sauce type flavour with a cumin overtone. It doesn’t overpower the beef and makes a nice tasting steak. I don’t mind having this around for when I feel lazy and want to marinate a steak without a lot of work. I am lazy so I will use it!

The Old Fat Guy

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6 Responses

    1. Thanks, Sam. I usually just season my steaks a bit. I don’t like the texture a long marinade gives beef. However, a short marinade like this can just add a bit of flavor.

        1. If you are trying to cut down your salt, Sam, Clubhouse makes a steak spice with no added salt that is quite similar to Montreal Steak Spice.

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