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Some people love Christmas because of the gifts. Others, its the decorations. For me, it is the food! I did my Christmas Tarts to be ready for company.

I made my favourite Tenderflake Pastry recipe. I used some of it to line 16 tart tins.

I filled 8 with Green Tomato Mincemeat I had canned this fall. For the other 8, I used the Bernardin Peach Pie Filling I had canned. For the peach pie filling, I needed to add 25 ml (2 tablespoons) cornstarch for each 500 ml (2 cups) of filling used.

You could use commercial fillings, I guess. If you must.

christmas-tarts-02 christmas-tarts-01

I cut covers for each tart from the dough and cooked the tarts at 450 F for 10 minutes. I reduced the heat to 225 and cooked for 25 more minutes.


The Verdict

I got incredibly flaky tarts with great fillings I had made and canned. Not only do they taste great, I am proud of them!

The Old Fat Guy

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