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Nothing fancy today folks. Shaw Spotlight, our local community TV channel, asked me to do a short video. I have seen people suffer with the easy task of chopping an onion and decided to show them how I do it. This is the video!

The Old Fat Guy

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2 Responses

  1. My mother taught me something when I was young … that was a while ago cause I turned 60 last week … lol .. put a toothpick in your mouth when cutting onions … this keeps mouth shut .. lol .. I know you had to talk with video … but, this works for me ,, try it … and you eyes wont tear up ….If you keep mouth shut entirely … my eyes don’t tear up … We mostly use Vidalia onions and they are not as strong …

    1. When I started cooking in the navy (we won’t say how long ago that was but there was this dude called Bligh) it was the first time I had really sharp knives. I’ve had sharp knives ever since and I haven’t had any problem with tearing.

      As for Vidalias, I love them but I love most onions and garlic. I grow 8 varieties of garlic because there are different flavour profiles for different dishes. She Who Must Be Obeyed just shakes her head.

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