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Chophouse Grilled Potatoes at

It was another night when we wanted an easy meal. I can’t stand packaged food so I used my Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker and some of their seasoning mixes to make pork chops (next post) and Chophouse Grilled Potatoes.

I started by cutting up about 3 cups of small new potatoes and 1/2 onion into chunks. I chopped a clove of garlic. I put them all in a bowl and added 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of Louisiana Grills Chophouse Steak Spice. You can use any steak seasoning mix you like but I recommend one with a lot of garlic like this one.

I put the potatoes in an aluminum pie plate and covered with foil. You could also wrap them in heavy duty foil.

Chophouse Grilled Potatoes 1

I preheated the grill to 400 F and put the pie plate on the top rack of the grill.

Chophouse Grilled Potatoes 2

I cooked them for 45 minutes and served.

Chophouse Grilled Potatoes 3

The Verdict

I thought these were perfect. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed told me they had too much garlic. She said I should not have put the clove of garlic in as there was lots in the spice mix. (Sh. Don’t tell anyone. She was wrong).

We both liked the pepper/spice mix and we will make these again. They are creamy and take the seasonings very well. I will leave the clove of garlic out (even though it is better) as She Who Must Be Obeyed must be obeyed.

The Old Fat Guy

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