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Bernardin Peach Pie Filling at

This is fresh fruit time of year in British Columbia. I got some wonderful Okanagan peaches from a fruit stand while travelling. Of course, they are great fresh but I bought enough to do some preserving. I had seen the Bernardin Peach Pie Filling in their excellent canning book and I love peach pie and cobbler. Canning some of the peaches would let me have pie and cobblers this winter. It had to be done!

The recipe is on the Bernardin Site at:

Peach Pie Filling

I took the zest off some lemons and juiced them. I put that in the stainless steel pot I would cook the sauce in so when I cut the peaches and apples in, the lemon juice would prevent browning.

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling 01

I cut a cross in the bottom of the peaches and then put them in boiling water for a minute to make them easy to peel. I took them out of the hot water and rinsed them under cold water.

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling 02

I peeled and chopped the peaches, cored, peeled and chopped the apples and added the rest of the ingredients per the recipe. I boiled them up as instructed.

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling 03

I had boiled some jars in my hot water canner. I filled them, leaving the instructed head space and then put the canning lids on finger tight.

I live at higher altitude so I had to process them for 25 minutes instead of the 15 minutes in the recipe.

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling 04

The Verdict

This made a very nice, bright, fresh tasting pie filling. I didn’t have golden raisins and used dark so they show up a bit but still tasted great. This will become an annual tradition at the Old Fat Guy house. Also, won’t ¬†you be jealous when I am having Peach Cobbler this winter?

The Old Fat Guy

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