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Basic Smoked Country Ribs (Bub ‘n Mutha’s Rub Review)

The good people sent me some of their rubs to try. I couldn’t think of anything better to try them on than some country style ribs.

You need to know they sent me the rubs for free but I am giving my honest opinion of their product.

I find that there are 3 tests to a barbecue rub:

  1. How does it taste on their own?
  2. How does it taste naked (cooked on the meat by itself)?
  3. How does it taste when used with a barbecue sauce?

I started by tasting each of the rubs they sent me.

I tried their Down East Dinnah Dust first. As soon as I opened it I was happy! Most cheap rubs are all salt and sugar. This one wasn’t. When I tasted it there was a nice sweetness without being all sugar. There was just a touch of salt which is needed to enhance meat flavour but is usually overdone. It has a touch of fruit taste and some complex spice/herb flavours.

Then I tried their Honey ‘n Heat rub. Again, it looks like real ingredients instead of a mixture of sugar and salt. It has just a touch more sweet with a nice background of honey. There is definitely some heat but it isn’t offensive. It just slowly grows to a nice warmth.

It was time to try it on the country ribs.

I took four country ribs and rubbed each of the rubs into two of them.

I let the rub sit on the pork for a couple of hours.

I put the ribs in a 230 F smoker and smoked to an internal temperature of 150 F.

I brushed one of each type of rubbed rib with barbecue sauce and smoked for 10 to 15 minutes more. I used my favourite barbecue sauce, Koss Sauce. It has a good balance of sweet and tart that I like and thought we be a good test with the rub.

I let the ribs rest for 5 minutes and then tasted them.

I started with the naked DownEast Dinnah Dust. The surface of the meat was nice and not overly browned from a too high sugar rub. The taste was a nice complex layered flavour with a touch of sweet, some fruitiness and spice. Very tasty!

Then I tasted the naked Honey ‘n Heat. It also didn’t burn to the surface. The honey and higher heat spices really enhanced the rich pork. It was delicious. Naked, I preferred this over the DownEast Dinnah Dust.

I tried the DownEast Dinnah Dust glazed with Koss Sauce. Unlike highly salted rubs, this one didn’t just make the rib taste like a salty barbecued rib. It added layers of spice and flavour that complemented the sauce and pork. Again, I was impressed.

The last tasting was of the Honey ‘n Heat with the Koss sauce. The honey taste didn’t come through as much against the sweetness of the sauce but the nice touch of heat was very nice.

With sauce, I preferred the DownEast Dinnah Dust.

I made a video of how to make the ribs and the taste tests.

The Verdict

I love country ribs with a quality rub and a nice sauce. This day I got to try it with a variety of seasonings and I remembered why I love country ribs.

As for the Bub ‘n Mutha’s products, these are high quality products. They obviously spent time to come up with a blend that isn’t all salt and sugar but rather a blend of spices, and sweet that enhances meat without overpowering it. I would recommend you try them.

The Old Fat Guy


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