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I have loved Aviation Gin for a while and have several posts using it in cocktails. Unfortunately, they stopped carrying it in my liquor store here in the Canadian Rockies.

However, there it was on my last visit to the store. I picked up a bottle and reviewed my prior recipes. I realized I had never given a review of this fine gin. I now rectify that oversite.

I start by tasting the gin straight up. This gin has a sharp clear taste with no harsh alcohol bite. It is not as floral as some gins and I think I taste some pepper and anise flavours. It is definitely flavourful and smooth enough to drink neat and be enjoyable.

I made up my favourite gin cocktail, a Gibsons, with Aviation gin. It is a great martini gin, The crisp fresh flavours go so well with the vermouth and don’t fight with it. You still get the nice flavours and it makes a tasty cocktail.

This is a quality gin that I can recommend strongly.

The Old Fat Guy

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