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Assembling My New Traeger Timberline 850

As I mentioned earlier, I have bought a Traeger Timberline 850 grill. I will do a review of it in a future post. This post shows how I assembled the grill.

The video above is an edited video showing the assembly process.

Overall, I am impressed with the steps that Traeger took to make the process easy. The pros are:

  • The instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • All really technical construction like wiring and major structural components are already done by Traeger. The only skills required are using a screwdriver and wrench.
  • Traeger supplies all the tools for assembly so you can build it without buying a missing tool.
  • All nuts bolts and washers are in a blister pack and labelled in letter codes that match the instructions in the assembly manual. There is no trying to decide if these bolts are #10 one inch.
  • All parts fit together well. I didn’t spend time trying to force some part into a poor fit.

The cons are:

  • This grill is heavy! When they tell you it will take two people to put it together, they aren’t kidding. Make sure you have help.
  • They recommend that you use the packaging to prop up the grill to install two of the legs. This is a joke. The packaging is all cardboard and just crushes under the weight. I suggest you use some short pieces of 2 by 4.
  • When you tilt the unit back as instructed, the lid can flop open very quickly and with a lot of force. They don’t warn you about this so be careful if you are building one.

It did take me just over an hour to build the unit. This is mostly because there quite a few components to put together rather than it being difficult. However, I likely took longer than most as I am not the most mechanical of people. I spent a lot of time looking for parts and putting on washers I forgot, etc.

I would say this was much easier to put together than my last grill which had parts that weren’t in the manual and lots of complicated procedures.

If you like slap stick comedy watching someone inept, following is a raw footage video of the build without the errors and stupidity edited out. Only watch it if you have not life. It is over an hour long!

The Old Fat Guy

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