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Disco Balls

Disco Balls at oldfatguy.ca

Watch what you ask for you may get it. I made this appetizer and it was delicious! However, I could not think of a name. I am a proud member of Smoking Meat Forums, a wonderful resource for information and ideas on smoking. I asked the kind members of the forum for help in naming the appetizer. A mini-poll took place and the name Disco Balls was chosen. You see, my handle on the forums is Disco. So despite the interesting name, welcome to a great appetizer, Disco Balls. Continue reading Disco Balls

Smokey Spicy Sweet Hot Steak

Smokey Spicy Sweet Hot Steak at oldfatguy.ca

Steak! With the cost of beef it is becoming a rarer and rarer item on our table. Add to that the fact it isn’t She Who Must Be Obeyed’s favourite meat and I find it a real treat when we pick up a piece of steak. So, I fired up the Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker and tried one of the seasonings I got from them, Smokey Sweet Spicy Hot Seasonings. Continue reading Smokey Spicy Sweet Hot Steak