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Burger Di Pollo Alla Caprese

I am member of Smoking Meat Forums. It is a talented group of people who have taught me a lot and continue to inspire me. One day, one of the members I admire, Sowsage, posted a picture of a Caprese Salad. I threw down the gauntlet and challenged him to make a Caprese inspired dish and I would too. We’d ask other members of the forum to vote and the winner would get to give a nya-nya to the loser. The contest was on! Continue reading Burger Di Pollo Alla Caprese

Kootenay Pit Beef

One Of The Best Sandwiches I’ve Eaten

Pit Beef 07

I have read about Baltimore Pit Beef. It is a sandwich made with eye of the round beef, a less expensive cut of beef. It is served with a sauce called Tiger Sauce. I have never tried it but it sounded so good, I had to give it a try. I have changed the recipe to my tastes and changed the name to Kootenay Pit Beef and the sauce to Cougar Sauce.

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