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Bernardin Peach Pie Filling

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling at oldfatguy.ca

This is fresh fruit time of year in British Columbia. I got some wonderful Okanagan peaches from a fruit stand while travelling. Of course, they are great fresh but I bought enough to do some preserving. I had seen the Bernardin Peach Pie Filling in their excellent canning book and I love peach pie and cobbler. Canning some of the peaches would let me have pie and cobblers this winter. It had to be done! Continue reading Bernardin Peach Pie Filling

Grand Marnier Custard Pie

An Adult Easter Dessert

Grand Marnier Custard 5

My mother’s favourite dessert was a plain baked custard. As a child I thought it was OK but didn’t see the big deal. It wasn’t incredibly sweet like most desserts. As I’ve aged, I am getting my mother’s point. The heavily sugared desserts are very nice but a creamy less sweet dessert just seems better. Enter Grand Marnier Custard Pie.

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