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Sourdough Onion Burger Buns

Sourdough Onion Burger Buns at oldfatguy.ca

The problem with most hamburger buns is that they are too large in my opinion. Either you buy the horrible pasty ones in the supermarket or you buy a higher quality bun and it is twice the size. I like a bun that has a nice flavour, a good chew and isn’t so big you don’t notice the burger or other sandwich filling. These Sourdough Onion Buns fit the bill. Continue reading Sourdough Onion Burger Buns

Beef Mushroom Casserole

Beef Mushroom Casserole at oldfatguy.ca

She Who Must Be Obeyed likes those casseroles that our mothers used to make. You know the ones, a can of mushroom soup, noodles, cheese and some kind of protein. Mostly they were pretty bland. Who would want those. Ok, they’re not that bad. Don’t look at me like that.  Ok, I like them too. However, they can be adjusted to make them more flavourful and made from less processed food. That is what I have done with Beef Mushroom Casserole. Continue reading Beef Mushroom Casserole

Cooks Make Everything Better

Picture owned by http://www.cookingwithcarlee.com/ used with permission
Picture owned by http://www.cookingwithcarlee.com/ used with permission

You have to love cooks, chefs and foodies in general. There isn’t any competition between them, just an urge to make something better. A cook sees a new idea or technique and they don’t say “I wish I thought of that.” They get excited and think how they can use it. They put their own twist on it and the world is improved with a new dish. Continue reading Cooks Make Everything Better

Moist Burgers

Moist Burgers at oldfatguy.ca

She Who Must Be Obeyed loves me. That is a good thing, mostly. The first problem is she wanted grilled burgers. What the heck. It is only minus 10 and she is nice to me. I am willing to don my toque and  brave the elements for the woman I love.

Next, in an attempt to keep me healthy, she buys extra lean ground beef. The problem is, burgers need some fat or they are dry and not very appetizing. This is exacerbated by the need to cook burgers thoroughly to prevent Ecoli poisoning. Sigh, what to do? Continue reading Moist Burgers

Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze – Canadian Beef

Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze at oldfatguy.ca

Pity She Who Must Be Obeyed. One of the side effects of my cooking obsession is the need to try new things. I have a favourite meatloaf recipe that we really like. However, there may just be a better recipe out there and I have to look for it. This time I made Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze. Continue reading Classic Meat Loaf with Pepper Jelly Glaze – Canadian Beef

Beefier Burgers

Beefier Burgers at oldfatguy.ca

When I was growing up and through a lot of my youth, hamburgers meant mixing eggs, bread crumbs, and a bunch of other stuff with hamburger and forming patties. We lied to ourselves we were doing it to increase the texture of flavour. However, as soon as I started cooking the beef by itself (ok, I will sprinkle on seasonings) I realized we were only doing it to stretch the beef. Fair enough. We weren’t rich. Now, I want a beefy burger.

However, She Who Must Be Obeyed said she wanted more flavour in the meat. I always do what I’m told, the cheque is in the mail, etc. Continue reading Beefier Burgers