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Quatre Cochons de Montagne

A Homage to Pork!

Quatre Cochons de Montagne at oldfatguy.ca

OK, I admit it. I love pork. I like all kinds of pork. I decided it was time to do a dish that reflected my love of pork in all its forms. Welcome to Quatre Cochons de Montagne (Four Mountain Pigs). Of course, one of the best ways to cook pork is in the smoker, so the Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker was the chosen tool. Continue reading Quatre Cochons de Montagne

Smoked Picnic Shoulder

This dish is not technically a ham. A ham comes from the shank portion. However it tastes, looks and cooks like a ham.

I was in the supermarket and they had an uncooked smoked pork shoulder on sale for a really good price. Normally, they are obscenely expensive but then they will go on sale for an
incredible price. I think it is because most people don’t know what to do with them.

I had intended to smoke it as I have never done one in the smoker before. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted me to make it this way. She has the ability to persuade so I did so.

I posted the process on the Smoking Meat Forums and the process is at there at this link:


I really like this recipe and I highly recommend it. However, it must be served with scalloped potatoes (I will post my method for making them tomorrow). I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

The Old Fat Guy