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Gayle’s Low Fat Sausage Gravy

A friend had a cardiac incident and mentioned my recipes were mostly not allowed on his new diet. I really felt for him but have cooked for various restrictions and realize you can make good food that is low fat. What is something you think you might never have again on a low fat diet? Sausage Gravy? Wrong. Here is a tasty low fat version. Continue reading Gayle’s Low Fat Sausage Gravy

BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

I love honey mustard chicken wings. I also love Carolina Pulled Pork with mustard sauce. As usual, when I love two things that are even slightly related, something in my brain fires, my hands start to tremble, and I must start trying a new recipe. I simply had to make wings with a BBQ sauce flavoured with honey mustard. Thus, BBQ Honey Mustard Wings were born. Continue reading BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

Cuban Chicken

I my prior post I made Cuban Sazon (Cuban Seasonings). Of course, I had to make something with it. Cubans make wonderful citrus based sauces so I decided to marinate some chicken and use the Cuban Sazon on it. Cuban’s use sour orange but I went with a mixture of lemon and lime. I have cooked it in my smoker but it would be great in an oven or over indirect heat in a barbecue as well. Continue reading Cuban Chicken

PWE Chicken Legs

Bill does most of the music for my videos and does voice overs. He has a favourite chicken drumstick recipe. It is very easy but very tasty.

He mixes equal parts of soy sauce and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. He puts the drumsticks on a medium barbecue to brown on one side and then turns the drumsticks and brushes with the mixture every 5 minutes until the internal temperature is over 170 F.

We did a video to show you how!

The Old Fat Guy