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Basic Smoked Brisket & Burnt Ends

It can be a challenge to find a whole packer brisket in this area. So, When I get one I have to think carefully to decide what to do with it. A brisket makes corned beef, pastrami, Montreal smoked meat and several other dishes. When I got this one, a basic smoked brisket called to me. So, I smoked a brisket and made burnt ends out of the point. Continue reading Basic Smoked Brisket & Burnt Ends

Marinade Injected Beef Roast

Marinade Injected Beef Roast at oldfatguy.ca

I had great success injecting marinade into pulled pork in a prior post. Why not do it with beef? You could get more flavour and that is usually a good thing.

There is a reason why not. If you inject beef in several places you run the risk of moving pathogens (germs for us uneducated) into the centre of the meat. Therefore, you have to cook it to an internal temperature of at least 155 F to be food safe. If you want it rare, you’re out of luck. Continue reading Marinade Injected Beef Roast