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Is International Trade Affecting the Safety of Our Food?

I recently read an article on the CBC site.

In case the link dies, the thrust of the article is that large portion of China’s agricultural land is becoming more and more polluted to the point that food grown in those areas is tainted. It also discusses how that food is being sold regardless of this hazard. Continue reading Is International Trade Affecting the Safety of Our Food?

Breakfast Sandwich, Home Cooked Fast Food


If you have time to cook regularly, you just have good food around. This morning for breakfast I took two slices of home made back bacon (Americans call it Canadian bacon) and threw them in a frying pan. As they are precooked, they only take a minute. While they were heating, I toasted a home made sourdough English muffin, a cheese slice and I had a breakfast sandwich that would make any fast food joint jealous. Continue reading Breakfast Sandwich, Home Cooked Fast Food

A Quick Lunch


I am busy today so I went into the freezer and got a bratwurst and a homemade bun out. A few minutes later, I was eating a great tasting lunch. Cooking for yourself is convenient and tasty even when your in a hurry.

The Old Fat Guy

Oh No! Not My Tea!

Researchers at the University of Alberta have found levels of lead in teas that are dangerous to unborn babies. The levels were highest in teas from China. They opine that the pollution from burning coal has accumulated in the tea plants. They warn that as few as 3 cups could affect unborn babies.

The article does state that the levels are not likely high enough to affect adults.

I just can’t do without my cup of tea. Sigh, I guess I will have to look for teas from Ceylon or India.

The Old Fat Guy

Beat Black Friday, Give Food

I don’t know about you but I really hate the Christmas shopping that begins on Black Friday and all the commercialism. I always seem to pick gifts that end up in somebody’s drawer never to be seen again. Even worse, I receive clothes that are the wrong size or have Rudolph on them with a nose that lights up. The last thing I need is more stuff and the same goes for most of my adult friends and relatives. Continue reading Beat Black Friday, Give Food