Crispy New Potatoes, In February?

Crispy New Potatoes

In my previous post, I smoked a sirloin tip roast and finished it on the Weber Barbecue. I’d bought the roast as it was on sale. They also had those designer little new potatoes in a small bag on sale. I normally never buy them because they are expensive. Also, if there are small new potatoes here in February, they have been trucked in from parts far away from here. Continue reading Crispy New Potatoes, In February?

Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast, Canadian Rockies Smoking

Smoked Sirloin Tip

There was a sale on Sirloin Tip Roasts at the supermarket. It is not exactly the tenderest cut of beef but if slow cooked to no more than medium, is quite tasty. By the way, here is an example of survival. I like my beef cooked to medium rare. She Who Must Be Obeyed likes medium. A smart husband cooks to medium to survive. Continue reading Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast, Canadian Rockies Smoking

Sugar, We All Know It Is Bad For Us

The CBC and other outlets recently reported that sugar contributes to heart disease directly as well as contributing to obesity.

Let me start off by saying, duh. Our mothers and grandmothers could have told you too much sugar is bad for you. However, there is an additional danger that the current study highlights.

Sugar is being added to many products that just don’t need it. The food industry has found they can sell more food by adding sugar. Do we really need additional sugar in our tomato sauce, bread, and beverages?

Other studies have shown that people who cook their own foods have less health problems. I believe that is largely because you add less sugar, salt and fat when you cook your own sauces, breads and other foods.

Even if you cook your own cookies and cakes (I know, they are bad for you), I bet they have less sugar, salt and fat than the commercial ones.

Cook more! It is easy. It tastes good. Your heart will thank you.

The Old Fat Guy

Redi Chek Remote Smoker Thermometer


I have found having a smoking thermometer to be a great help. A year ago, I saw a Redi Chek Remote Thermometer on sale for $50. It had a lot I was looking for. It was remote which meant I didn’t have to keep going back to my smoker to check the temperature. It had one probe to keep track of the food and another to keep track of the smoker internal temperature. The internal temperature probe is way more reliable than the system thermometer on my Bradley
smoker. Continue reading Redi Chek Remote Smoker Thermometer

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