Kudos to the US For Their Proposed Changes in Food Labelling

I noted this story on the CBC news site:

Nutrition labels on food packaging under microscope in U.S., Canada.

In case the link dies, the story notes the US is proposing changes to food labeling. Two of the significant changes are putting the calorie count in large bold print and requiring serving sizes to be more realistic. Who eats 10 potato chips?

These are welcome and significant changes. I wholeheartedly support changes that give more usable information to consumers.
Unfortunately, they don’t go far enough. When you can put a very small amount of whole grains in bread and call it multigrain bread or call a powdered drink mix natural, there is still a major problem with honest labeling.

Hopefully, this is just a first step that will be followed through on. If we can’t count on our government to protect us from misleading labeling, who do we look to?

The Old Fat Guy