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BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

I love honey mustard chicken wings. I also love Carolina Pulled Pork with mustard sauce. As usual, when I love two things that are even slightly related, something in my brain fires, my hands start to tremble, and I must start trying a new recipe. I simply had to make wings with a BBQ sauce flavoured with honey mustard. Thus, BBQ Honey Mustard Wings were born. Continue reading BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

Cuban Chicken

I my prior post I made Cuban Sazon (Cuban Seasonings). Of course, I had to make something with it. Cubans make wonderful citrus based sauces so I decided to marinate some chicken and use the Cuban Sazon on it. Cuban’s use sour orange but I went with a mixture of lemon and lime. I have cooked it in my smoker but it would be great in an oven or over indirect heat in a barbecue as well. Continue reading Cuban Chicken