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Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread, Instructables Version. Back In The Saddle

whole wheat instructable

I had been kind of out of energy due to some major dental work. However, I am on the mend so it was time to start cooking again. I started by making the same bread I made in the post Sourdough Bread Instructables’ Style. However, I substituted 50 % of the flour with whole wheat flour.

The Verdict

There is a constant trade off when you substitute whole wheat flour in bread. The whole wheat gives a great flavour but the white flour gives a lighter texture. This tasted great. By using only 50 % whole wheat, it still had a great sourdough loaf texture with a crispy crust and good sour taste. However, it just wasn’t quite as light as the all white flour version. Sigh, there will be an argument with myself about which way to go every time I make this loaf again.

The Old Fat Guy