Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple Chicken Thighs

Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple Chicken Thighs 3

I am always on the lookout for great food products. I have seen Rufus Teague barbecue products mentioned online and have heard good reviews. However, it was not available in local stores. Then, I saw some barbecue sauce while I was travelling and decided to give it a try. I chose the Whiskey Maple Sauce. Continue reading Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple Chicken Thighs

German Country Style Ribs

German Country Style Ribs at

One of the great things about food is that all parts of the world give us their traditions and techniques. I had some Country Style Ribs and I wanted to try something different. Steve Raichlen’s book, Planet Barbecue had a recipe in it for pork heavily seasoned with paprika and onions and then grilled. I was inspired to give it a try and changed it to my tastes and for smoking on my Louisiana Grills pellet smoker. Continue reading German Country Style Ribs

Mountain Berry Jam

Mountian Berry Jam at

I had a good crop of raspberries, strawberries and haskaps this year.  I wanted some jam but which kind to make? As there is just myself and She Who Must Be Obeyed, making a batch of each would be way too much jam. I had a look around the Bernardin Canning site and found a recipe for Bumbleberry Jam that uses raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Necessity being the mother of invention, I substituted haskap berries for the blueberries. Continue reading Mountain Berry Jam