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Back (Canadian) Bacon – Wet Cure Method

Most commercial bacon is made with a brine that is injected into pork. I prefer dry cured bacon. It is a little firmer and cooks up with a better texture in my opinion. That being said, my preference is based on personal choice. Many people prefer the softer wet cure bacon. They are not wrong, they just prefer the texture and taste. Continue reading Back (Canadian) Bacon – Wet Cure Method

Bacon, Step by Step Video and Instructions

I have done several videos on making bacon. However, it has been pointed out to me that I have never done a video on just plain bacon. I found this characterization a little concerning as dry cured bacon is a wonderful thing and not just plain but the point was taken. So, here is a post with step by step instructions and a video for making bacon. Continue reading Bacon, Step by Step Video and Instructions

Maple Chipotle Bacon

I have made maple bacon and I have made Chipotle (ground dried smoked chilies). Both are really good. However, I got an email from my niece telling me how much she enjoyed the Chipotle bacon while I was eating some maple bacon. As usual, my brain had a spasm and I thought the two might be great together. I like the combination of sweet/hot. I had to give it a try. I decided to go with Back (Canadian) Bacon and picked up a pork loin. Continue reading Maple Chipotle Bacon