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Back (Canadian) Bacon – Wet Cure Method

Most commercial bacon is made with a brine that is injected into pork. I prefer dry cured bacon. It is a little firmer and cooks up with a better texture in my opinion. That being said, my preference is based on personal choice. Many people prefer the softer wet cure bacon. They are not wrong, they just prefer the texture and taste. Continue reading Back (Canadian) Bacon – Wet Cure Method

Nekid Chicken

I love chicken with sauce, breaded, stewed and grilled. However, sometimes I make up a big batch of chicken with the idea of having it around for cold lunches and snacks. When I do that I like my chicken without any sauce and cooked at high temperature. I find the skin stays bite through while cold and the chicken seams moister. Add to that it isn’t as messy to eat with your fingers, Nekid chicken is my go to. Continue reading Nekid Chicken