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OFG Summer Sausage

I have made summer sausage from kits and from recipes with all kind of exotic ingredients like encapsulated ascorbic acid, Fermento, high temperature cheese, etc. If you know the history of summer sausage, it was made by local people from local ingredients and just included meat and seasonings and then was smoked. With all my experimenting, I found I liked the old simple recipe and it is now my go to. Welcome to OFG Summer Sausage. Continue reading OFG Summer Sausage

Basic Smoked Brisket & Burnt Ends

It can be a challenge to find a whole packer brisket in this area. So, When I get one I have to think carefully to decide what to do with it. A brisket makes corned beef, pastrami, Montreal smoked meat and several other dishes. When I got this one, a basic smoked brisket called to me. So, I smoked a brisket and made burnt ends out of the point. Continue reading Basic Smoked Brisket & Burnt Ends