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New Traeger Timberline, Not a good start.

I just purchased a Traeger Timberline 850. I spent a lot of money to buy Traeger’s top line grill because I am serious about my smoking. I fired it up today for my first smoke. I set it for 235 and it just wouldn’t come to temperature. It kept hovering between 195 and 200. So, I called their support line. A nice young lady, Carolina, took my call and reviewed my problem as they were able to check the WiFi record of my smoke. She kept asking me if I was using Traeger pellets (I was). Continue reading New Traeger Timberline, Not a good start.

Kirian Spice Review

SPECIAL OFFER! After I posted this, Kririan contacted me and they will offer free shipping for anyone using the coupon code OLDFATGUY. This offer is only good until November 18, 2018.

I have met so many great people since I started this blog. Recently, I met Ian of Kirian Spices on Twitter. He traveled to Greece and found that their oregano had a stronger and fresher flavour than the oregano we get here. He started importing Greek spices. Continue reading Kirian Spice Review

EZStartĀ® Charcoal Chimney Product Review

I was contacted by EZ Flame BBQ Inc. and asked to try out their product, the EZStartĀ® Charcoal Chimney. There was two problems with this. First, I don’t like to take free products to review in case it sucks. Second, what could be new in the world of charcoal chimneys? You put newspaper in the bottom, coals in the top and light it. Continue reading EZStartĀ® Charcoal Chimney Product Review