Shrimp Skewers Louie

I am old enough to remember the days of the stodgy old steakhouses. They had white table cloths, huge hunks of beef and a standard set of appetizers and side dishes. One of the common dishes was Shrimp Louie, shrimp in a tasty pink sauce. It was a rich appetizer served in a chilled glass. I have updated it to a more modern version with shrimp on skewers to make them a finger food with a tasty dip. Continue reading Shrimp Skewers Louie

Culinary Talks’ Sugar Buchteln

I just love learning about new styles of food and dishes and social media has made this so much easier. I found the great food blogger Kristina and her wonderful site, She has many great recipes from Europe, many from central and eastern Europe. She is also an author. Check out her Ebook, Eat, Shop and Love. Continue reading Culinary Talks’ Sugar Buchteln

Spain on a Fork’s Pan Fried Salmon

One of the best things about social media and blogs is you find talented people who inspire you. That happened when I came across the Spain on a Fork site. The site owner, Albert Bevia, cooks Spanish cuisine that is simple but treats food with respect. I had to add him to my blogroll and try some of his recipes. His is a blog worth checking out. Here is my preparation of his Pan Fried Salmon. Continue reading Spain on a Fork’s Pan Fried Salmon

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