Smoking Resources

Of course the best source of smoking information is this blog. Kidding around aside, just click on the Smoked Meat section along the side and you will find tons of recipes. You can also message me with questions.

However, as good as I am, there are many great sources of information out there.

Smoking Forums

Smoking Forums are great places to get information. They are visited by Pit Masters with many different level of skills in many fields. If you ask a question, you will usually get help. However, you might get several different opinions on the same question. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Finding recipes on Smoking Forums can be difficult as they are more about discussing the hobby but there are great recipes there if you hunt them down!

Smoking Meat Forums

Smoking Meat Forums is a private moderated blog with may great smokers who are generous with their knowledge and experience. They have been great help to me in developing my knowledge and skills. I am proud to be a member of their expert group, the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke. The site is fully moderated which means there isn’t any flaming of members or spam. However, as it is a private site, you can’t post links to yours or other pages without permission.

Smoked-Meat Forums

This is the forum attached to It isn’t as glitzy as Smoking Meat Forums but has many great recipes and the members are kind about answering questions. I find it a bit harder to post to but not any real problem. It is less moderated but I don’t see much problem with spam or flaming. It does allow posting of links.

Smoking Sites

There are a wealth of smoking sites out there. Here are some I have found to be helpful. They give the opinion and experience of the site owner so tend to be less confusing than forums can be. However, don’t forget, there are many opinions on the best way to smoke.

This is the site that is the sponsor of Smoking Meat Forums. Jeff Phillips is a talented Pit Master and the site is loaded with lots of great recipes, ideas, reviews of equipment and techniques. It is a commercial site so it has ads but not enough to intrude. I find it well organized enough to find what I need.