Great Cuban Food In Dublin?

So, we have been travelling for 28 hours. We want food and we want it quickly so we can sleep.

Our guesthouse is in the Ballsbridge section of Dublin so we walk up to an area with pubs an restaurants..

We think we are going into a pub and take the wrong door. We are in an upstairs restaurant called Bella Cuba. I have only tried Cuban food a couple of times and I have not been excited about it.  However, when you are really tired, food is food. I ordered their recommended pork sandwich. It was marvelous! Sliced pork seasoned wonderfully without being spicy. Onions sauted in seasoned oil. Fresh greens. I will have to reassess my take on Cuban food.

To make it even better, I had anice Merlot with it.

When it comes to food, take what the world presents you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The Old Fat Guy

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