Quick Barbecue Pork Dinner

BBQ Chop Dinner

It is finally spring. It is still cool and there still large areas of snow in the yard. However, we have been able to do some outside work so there was less time to cook.

BBQ Chop Dinner 2

Fortunately, good food doesn’t take long. I cubed a couple of baker potatoes. Tossed them in some olive oil and Italian seasoning and put it in a foil pie plate covered with foil. That is put on the upper rack of a barbecue on medium heat for 45 minutes.

BBQ Chop Dinner 1

I put some barbecue rub on some pork loin rib chops and grilled them for about 20 minutes over medium heat and brushed them with barbecue sauce for the last few minutes.

BBQ Chop Dinner 3

She Who Must Be Obeyed stir fried some vegetables and we had a great quick meal without a lot of preparation. Perfect!

The Old Fat Guy

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