End Of Winter Burgers


We still have 8 inches of snow on the ground and it got down to -5 C (23 F) at night. However, it is sunny and got up to 6 C (43 F). So, it must be time to get out on the porch and make burgers.

I took a little over 1 kilogram (1 1/2 pounds) of lean ground beef and formed 4 patties. I sprinkled them with Clubhouse La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice on both sides. Then onto my Weber grill preheated to medium high.

I brushed the burger with my Old Fat Guy Steak Sauce. I cooked one side for 5 minutes and flipped. I brushed that side with the steak sauce. I cooked it until the internal temperature was 165 F and served.


The relish you see in the picture is our Passing Wind Estates Zucchini Mustard Relish. It is one of our favourites and I will post how to make it this summer when the vegetables have grown in our garden.

The Verdict

You have to love a burger right off the grill. This will be happening often during the spring and summer.

The Old Fat Guy.

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