Sometimes You Just Need A Good Steak

Steak Dinner

Sometimes you just need a really good steak. We normally buy the lower grades of beef you find in the supermarket coolers. Last night, we cooked up a prime top sirloin. Prime is a higher grade of beef and it really does make a difference in the beef. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve enjoy a good grade A or AA steak but the Prime is better. So, a good steak dinner was in the works.

We started with preparing a Onion Bacon Baked Potato On the Barbecue from a prior post. I also sprinkled Cabela’s Open Season Whiskey Steak Seasonings on the steak and let it come to
room temperature.

Steak Dinner1

When it was almost cooked, we through our prime sirloins on a medium high grill. I did She Who Must Be Obeyed’s steak to medium well. It was on the grill for about six minutes a side. I did mine to medium rare at about four minutes a side on the grill. I used my Thermapen Thermometer to get them just right! That’s 150 F internal temperature for the missus and 135 F for me.
The steaks were taken off the grill and let sit under foil for 8 minutes. Then, I slice it thin and served. The potato and a green salad prepared by She Who Must Be Obeyed was added.

Steak Dinner2

I had my home made Old Fat Guy Steak Sauce on the table and it went perfectly with this. I will post the recipe in my next post.
The Verdict

The higher quality beef just melted in our mouths. Such a nice moist texture and excellent beef taste. Sigh, I wish I could afford prime beef more often.

The Old Fat Guy


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