What Are We Eating More?

I just read a post in Fortune Magazine on the top 10 food items that we are eating more of than we did a decade ago.

The link is:

From yogurt to frozen sandwiches: The top 10 food winners of the decade

There are some good things in the list. More people are eating yogurt, poultry sandwiches and fresh fruit

There is some terrible news.

Bottled water is up a lot. Come on people. Find a tap and save a landfill.

Potato chips are up. Really? Can you say a lot of fat content? I knew you could.

The best news for me is more people are eating pancakes. You have to make pancakes. They likely aren’t all that good for you but making your own food is!

The Old Fat Guy.

4 thoughts on “What Are We Eating More?”

  1. I love yogurt. Its my go too for late night snacking. At one point I had a home yogurt maker, now I actually like store bought. They have taken a step forward with their new flavors, very interesting. Some I can’t belive I enjoy, Key Lime pie? Orange Dreamcicle? Freanch Vanilla? Heck I even like the stuff with last years rotten fruit on the bottom.

    Bottle water has always been on my list of pet peaves, best water system in the world with fresh water comming out over tap everywhere, why bottled? Mine is a health reason, when living in west Texas the water was so bad you couldn’t drink it, yes it was full of chemicals but they don’t get rid of that rotten egg small. Now that I am home on the river Its either bottled or river water. Yes the river water is tested and numerous chemicals added, but you can’t even eat the seafood from it like when I was a kid. Did I mention that many many years ago due to the influx of plants and refineries they renamed the area from Baton Rouge to New Orleans “Cancer Alley”? They highest consentration of cancer in our country. I think we beat out that place up in New England, the love canal? But only cause they all left. We have boil orders quite regularly, and flesh eatting bacteria is not uncommon. Wasn’t that way before the state became a rich industry state.

    I agree though, and if you have lived out of our country, you’ll understand what we really have and should apprceiate. You can drink the ice tea here with lunch. You don’t have a bottle of water sitting by the sink in the motel bathroom to brush your teeth. Even canned carbonated soda pop has formaldehyde added, and it gives a worse hangover than rum ever thought of.

    I whole heartedly agree O Wise One, plastic is the bain we leave to our next generation. But we did slow down the wasted paper and allowed some forests to live by doing so.
    BTW did you know that with the new research its been found that with the exception of High Denstity plastics, that standard plastic resins are actually found to break down in waste disposal decades faster than paper?

    I really do agree about good food, good water, and plastics even if I don’t always sound like it. Mine were just exceptions. Of course you’d only expect it to be that way wouldbn’t you?

    BTW pancakes are so much better when you have real maple syrup.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Foamheart. We use a lot of yogurt too but only the unflavoured stuff which is getting hard to find up here. It is all flavoured or Greek yogurt which is a little thick for our uses.

      We are very lucky with our tap water in town but they do use a lot of chlorine. I live off well water which really makes you think twice about what you put on your garden.

      Also, the loss of fresh water lakes and rivers is even getting to us here in the mountains. Kootenay lake has always been famous for Gerard trout but there are so few this year they even cancelled a huge annual fishing derby. Sigh.

      Oh, well, I guess I will just have to go have another cup of tea.

      There is such a thing as pancakes without maple syrup?

      The Old Fat Guy

  2. I have been an advocate for water conservation since my early college years. You can go longer without food than you can without water. Desalination currently is just not feisable yet. I am assuming without rapid new tech developement including huge break throughs it will get extremely bad in my and your lifetime.

    If you get a chance pick up the Nov. National Geographic, check out the “Carnivore’s Dilema” Its a very informative start to an 8 section discuss about food in the world and where its headed.

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