Why Make It Yourself?

This was originally posted on November 17, 2013. It is being reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my web host.

I have friends who ask why I make my own bread, bacon, sausage, etc when it is available pre-made in the stores. My answer is, it tastes better. I don’t need any other reason. What other reason would there be? OK, there are a couple of other reasons.

First, it is fresher. Cookies in a bag on the shelf have been there for days if not weeks. Even fast food restaurants have time limits for how long food can sit under heat lamps. When you cook, you eat it.

Also, it tastes better.

Second, it is better for you. Even if you don’t adjust recipes to make them healthier or choose lower calorie and fat options, food cooked at home is better for you. It has less additives and, usually, fewer calories, lower fat and less sodium.

Let’s look at Starbucks Raisin Bran Muffins and MacDonalds Quarter Pounder. A Starbucks Muffin compared to a muffin made using the Kellogg’s Bran Flakes recipe has twice the calories, and over twice the fat.

By the way, the homemade muffin tastes better.

A MacDonald’s Quarter Pounder compared to a home grilled burger made with 1/4 pound of lean beef on a home made bun has the same calories, 17.6% more fat, and 70% more sodium. So, you can have the same size burger with less fat and sodium.

Guess what, the homemade burger tastes better.

Third, you have control of the ingredients when you cook. You can substitute whole wheat flour for some of the regular flour. That improves the taste and the fiber content. You can cut back on the salt and increase the herbs and spices. It is better for your blood pressure and heart and it tastes better. If you like your sausage spicier, you can make it that way.

Also, food you make yourself tastes better.

Finally, making your own food makes you happy. There is a feeling of accomplishment in making food and sharing it with others. It makes you take your time and relieves stress. Also, you can do it with the rest of your family.

Of course, homemade food tastes better.

So, even if you are busy, make at least some food yourself. You will feel better. You will be serving tastier and healthier food to your family. You will become more creative. Life will be better. There will be more sunny days and the birds will sing more.

Did I mention, food you cook tastes better?

The Old Fat Guy

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