2020 Most Viewed Posts

Another year is almost in the books. It is time to look back at which posts attracted the most views. First, let me thank you for your great support over the year!

The ninth most viewed post, Double Smoked Apple Maple Ham.

The eighth most viewed, Buckboard Bacon.

The seventh most viewed, Candied Salmon.

The sixth most viewed, Maple Buckboard Bacon.

The fifth most viewed post, Montreal Smoked Meat.

The fourth most viewed post, German Bologna.

The third most viewed post, Marinade Injected Beef Roast.

The second most viewed post, Spicy Snack Sticks.

The champion! The most viewed post of the year was Double D “Fried” Chicken.

The Old Fat Guy


2 thoughts on “2020 Most Viewed Posts”

  1. maple buckboard bacon is the best bacon recipe ….. after making this, and I make my belly bacon with the same recipe, my wife wont even buy store bought bacon anymore …. we will buy some thin store bought bacon only for some abt’s … I am about to make a good big batch of both … A+ on this recipe for sure ….

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