Club House La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice, Makes a Good Burger

Steak Spice

I like Montreal Steak spice. Unfortunately, it comes with a drawback. It has a lot of salt. She Who Must Be Obeyed notes that is bad for me (I hate it when she is right). Also, I think a lot of salt on grilled meat makes it a bit drier. I have no proof of that except my experience.

So, when I saw Club House La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice in the supermarket I had to try it. I decided a regular grilled burger would be a good test.

I took about 1 1/2 pounds of lean ground beef and made 4 patties out of it. Remember, when you make a burger, make your patties a bit larger around than you want as they will shrink. I pressed my patties to about 1/2 inch thick. I sprinkled a generous amount of seasoning on one side and put the burgers, seasoned side up, on a grill heated to medium high.

Unfortunately, burgers have to be cooked well done to be safe from Ecoli bacteria which can kill you. So, I cook my burgers 5 minutes on one side and then turn them and continue to cook them until the internal temperature is 165 F. When I flipped this batch, I gave them another sprinkle of steak spice.

Steak Spice1

I saw an interview with a multiple winner of burger championships. He said one of his secrets was the bun. He said it is half the burger so use good ones. We used some nice soft whole wheat buns.

Steak Spice2

The Verdict

Club House La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice has a nice hit of garlic and spice mixture. I really liked it on the burger. I have tried it on steak and it works well too. I don’t think you lose anything with this no salt version. If you want more salt, there is usually a shaker on the table.

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