Cheese Jiggers, Like My Childhood, Only Better

Cheeze Jigger

A frequent light lunch was Cheese Jiggers when I was growing up. That was a slice of bread with some mayonnaise and sliced cheese on it which was put under the broiler until the cheese got bubbly. It was gooey and good.

I still like Cheese Jiggers but I have upped the flavour a bit. Now, instead of the white spongy bread, I use homemade bread, a sourdough whole wheat hoagie cut in half on this occasion. I
still put some mayonnaise on the bread but then I add some thin sliced home made Andouille.

Instead of the cheapest cheddar my mom could find, I have used home smoked old cheddar. It still goes under the broiler until it gets hot and the cheese bubbles.

The Verdict

This is so much fun and so good. I feel like I’m ten again and my mom will be bringing me a glass of milk. It tastes pretty good too!

The Old Fat Guy

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