Natural Food? Do We Really Need a Definition of Natural Food?

I saw this article, “Why some food labeled as ‘natural’ may be anything but” on the CTV Website and it made me want to scream. Of course, looking in the mirror can make me want to scream but I digress.

In case the link is removed in the future, the gist of the article is that major manufacturers are using the word natural in food that is loaded with very unnatural ingredients. One example of this is selling products like Crystal Light Natural Lemonade and Natural Lemon Iced Tea. These products are filled with additives and the manufacturer, Kraft, states the word natural refers to the flavour, not the ingredients. The legal problem is that there is no legal definition of the word natural.

Give me a break. We all know what is natural food and what isn’t. Crystal Light powdered drink is not natural.
We need to start demanding truth in labeling rule, laws and enforcement from our government.

Oh well. I feel better now. I think I will have one of Linda’s Sourdough Biscuits I just made. I know what is in them.


The Old Fat Guy

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