Redi Chek Remote Smoker Thermometer


I have found having a smoking thermometer to be a great help. A year ago, I saw a Redi Chek Remote Thermometer on sale for $50. It had a lot I was looking for. It was remote which meant I didn’t have to keep going back to my smoker to check the temperature. It had one probe to keep track of the food and another to keep track of the smoker internal temperature. The internal temperature probe is way more reliable than the system thermometer on my Bradley

So I picked it up and have been using it since then.

The Verdict

The good:

• It does what it is supposed to. It keeps a good reading of the internal temperature of the meat and the temperature inside the smoker.
• It is easy to establish the connection between the two units. Just turn the remote unit on before the transmitter and it connects automatically.
• It has alarms for internal temperature and smoker temperature you can set so it warns you if your meat is done or if the smoker gets too cold or hot.

The bad:

• For some reason, they put the on/off switch for the transmitter in battery compartment of the transmitter unit. What were they thinking? It is a real pain to open the battery compartment every time you want to use the thermometer.
• The range for the remote connection is small. I would say about 40 feet.
• The default temperature is 270 F for the default internal temperature alarm setting. You don’t cook much to that high an internal temperature and you have to step through for a
long time to get to a lower temperature alarm setting.

This unit has worked well and done its job. However, the switch in the battery compartment is just such a poor design I can not recommend it. I would look for a better designed unit with a
longer remote range.

The Old Fat Guy

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