VH Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Chicken Wings

Sweet Chili Wings

I had Sweet Chili Wings at a bar and really liked them. When I was in the supermarket I saw VH Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. I decided to give it a try.

I picked up some chicken wings and cut them into sections. I saved the tips for stock. I tossed the sections in a bowl with some Cabela’s Chicken Rub.

Sweet Chili Wings1

I fired the WSM Mini with charcoal and a couple of chunks of apple wood. I got it up to 350 F. You can do these wings in a 350 F oven but it won’t have any smoke flavour.

I put the wings on and brushed them lightly with the sauce. I flipped them after 7 minutes and brushed with sauce. I repeated at 14 and 21 minutes. I checked them at 28 minutes to make sure they were had an internal temperature of at least 165 F and gave them a final brush of sauce.

Sweet Chili Wings2

We served the wings with some green salad, marinated cucumber and French bread.

Sweet Chili Wings3

The Verdict

The VH sauce has a nice sweet and spicy taste. This is a nice product and we quite enjoyed it.

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  1. YUM Disco – these look tasty. You better watch out you’re going to get hooked on chicken wings just like me lol. Great cook my friend.

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